My First Valentine

by Sohana


She never said she loved me but with all my heart I knew she did

For no one took greater care you see, or restored me when I backslid

I admired other people and craved their attention

Ignoring her was evil yet constant her affection

She was always at my beck and call

She was ever ready to break a fall

I never thought of her when I was dancing

But ran to her while my world was crashing

My first heartbreak shattered me, gave me sleepless nights, I almost fell sick

She just sat there and watched me, wept so much when she saw I was weak

Indeed, she was truly patient and kind

Permit me to say that her love was blind

She continuously believed in me

And told how amazing I could be

She constantly said I deserved better

That anyone who hurt me didn’t matter

As the years went by, she cherished every moment we spent yet I didn’t appreciate her

She never left my side, treasured every tear I wept even though I didn’t love her

Recently, I realized my mistake

How I’d given her heartache

I knelt down and asked for forgiveness

From the one who had loved me regardless

She was none other than the REAL ME

My First Valentine, myself/who I’ll always be