A group of herdsmen in Orhorho Delta State camouflaging as a themselves as policemen attacked some policemen yesterday. This resulted in the injuries of some policemen including an Area commander while some others have gone missing. Information from http://www.vanguardngr.com/2017/02/herdsmen-police-uniform-clash-police-delta-area-commander-injured/ states that the commissioner of police in Delta State, Mr. Zanna Ibrama stated in a phone to Vanguard that there were no injuries. 

Fulani herdsman Source: Google

He however stated that what happened was his men were fatigued and exhausted (including the Area commander) because they had been assigned to an unfamiliar terrain. 

Eye witness reports, however, state that the police men were assigned to the territory because of numerous reports of rape and killings that were going on in the area as perpetuated by the herdsmen. 

A group of Police men Source:Google

Hence, the policemen had come with an issued ultimatum to force the herdsmen,  who were taking cover in the bush, to leave. They were not expecting the unpleasant welcome they received as the herdsmen opened fire as soon as the policemen came into the community. Thus, wounding many policemen including the leader of the team.